iterators in python

Iterators in python and how to create them

Generally, iterators are used to iterate over a list of objects. We use iterators without knowing we are using it. Let’s understand Iterators in python and look at the below example a = [1,2,4,5,6,7,8] for i in a: print(i) Here we have used iterator behind the scenes of for-in to loop over a list. How to create


What are SNAT and DNAT

If you are working as a DevOps you must have heard the name NAT. In this article, we will talk about them and SNAT and DNAT. NAT (Network Address translator) is generally used when you want to hide one side of the network and show it as a single IP. NAT keep a connection table

Pattern and anti patterns while creating new servers.

Pattern and anti patterns while creating new servers.

We are want to automate the server creation process as this saves a lot of time. In this article, we are going to talk about some patterns and anti-pattern that cause make your automation better or worse. So let’s start with this. Antipattern: Handcrafted Server Handcrafted servers will generally work well for companies who are

What are snowflake servers.

What are the snowflake servers?

Snowflake servers are the server whose actual configuration has drifted far more than what was actually required. These servers can because of big issues as there can be scenarios that you may want to replace the server and you are not aware of what all makes this server still serving and you properly launched new

What is reconciler pattern and how terraform uses it.

Reconciler pattern and how terraform uses it.

Reconciler Pattern is used by many cloud-specific tools to perform thier functionalities. In this article we are going to talk about the reconciler pattern. And this is the pattern on which terraform is build. So lets start our article on what is reconciler pattern and how terraform uses reconciler pattern. So reconciler pattern is a

strace: See what system calls kernel is executing.

In linux environment when you run any piece of code, any application or software. The piece of code actually maps to the some set of instructions in kernel level. To see those instructions that are being executed for that piece of code we can use this tool called strace. We will see what system calls

How TCP works

Why is TCP a reliable Protocol for sending data.

TCP stands for transport control protocol and it works in Transport Layer of Internet Protocol Stack. In this article we will see in short why is TCP a reliable protocol for sending data. This article is meant for very basic understanding and doesn’t deal with packets and other algorithms. We will talk about them in

How Internet Protocol Works?

How Internet Protocol works?

IP stands for internet protocol and it powers the whole internet. In this small article we will see How Internet Protocol works for you and your software. Internet Protocol basically powers the whole internet. IP works in network layer and each packet or say datagram or packet in the network need to interact to it

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