Javascript: Increasing performance using Dynamic Loading

  Hello folks, So we are back again with a new article regarding Javascript. This time we will talk about increasing the performance of web pages by different methods. So lets start with a fact. Earlier while rendering HTML when browser finds script tag it stops everything else and load the script and execute it

Which programming language or technology to learn.

This is the question which bugs every software engineer or its aspirants. Lets discuss this question a bit. Though I am still a beginner still everyday or two I get a message from junior SE aspirants about what technology or programming language to learn to be more successful. So no one get famous by learning

Decide which linux to use in 1 minute or less

Before starting I must mention the website Distrowatch here you can get information about all the linux distributions. Now starting over it depends on what kind of things you wanna do with your system. If you wanna explore the system like hacking or something : Kali If you want everything installed system and don’t want

5 Reasons why you should not read this article?

  You must be surprised what kind of post is this which has title why you should not read this. But still you are here to read the reasons for why not reading the reasons. Awesome, Isn’t it?   First, you are just wasting you time reading this as this is not gonna make you