Mutable vs Immutable datastructures

Mutable vs Immutable datastructures: Pros and Cons

Mutable vs Immutable datastructures are part of most of the programming languages so it is important to know how they behave, their strong and weak points. This blog is divided into two parts and it will talk about difference between the two parts. First part majorly deals with the benefits and drawbacks of immutability. Lets

Implementing graph with python

Implementing graph with python and how to traverse.

When we talk about algorithms, graphs are one of the most important parts to know about. In this session, we will talk about graphs and implementing graph in python. What is a graph? A graph is a data structure consists of nodes and edges. It is nonlinear and can form very complex structures. If you

What are generWhat are generators in pythonators in python

Generators in Python

Generators are just like normal functions, what makes functions generators in yield statement instead of the return statement. Also since you starting to read about generators, you should have a look at Iterators in python and how it works.Lets read about generators in python. What is yield? Yield is a keyword that is used to

Best practices for programming

Best practices for programming

In this article, we will talk about best practices for programming in any language. Add readability to your code as much as possible. The function name should tell what this function does. The function should be visible in one screen. You should not scroll to view the whole function. Try to write pure functions instead

Major algorithms asked during Interviews.

Major algorithms asked during Interviews.

Here I am going to mention the list of major algorithms asked during Interviews. You can find the list as below. Major algorithms asked during Interviews. Below are the books I highly recommend for algorithms Graph 1. Breadth First Search (BFS) 2. Depth First Search (DFS) 3. Shortest Path from source to all vertices **Dijkstra**