Continuous Integration for your open Source project.

You must have heard of travis or jenkins if not you can read about them if you click on their name. Now you want continuous integration or lets leave this word. Lets say you want to run some command whenever you are committing something on github. Say you want to run test case, code quality

How to host your static site with subdomain

How to host your static site with subdomain

You may have seen many sites which have as a domain name. In this article we are going to discuss how to host your static site with subdomain. You can also host your site with Its just that your sub domain that is your_subdomain should be unique. How to setup github pages

Don't marry a programming language.

Don’t marry a programming language.

A guy asked me: What programming language should I learn. Me: Don’t marry a programming language. At different steps of your life you will need a different programming language. And you must be adaptive to the change. The technology is growing at much more faster rate than ever in history. And if you are still

Git, best practices and mistakes.

Here we are going to talk about the best practices that you should follow and avoid the mistakes at all cost while using git. These are all the points learned during the experience of various project and mistakes. So lets start. Daily push your code before leaving and pull the code before start working. Why