Creating ETL pipeline using Python

Creating ETL pipeline using Python

An ETL pipeline is a fundamental type of workflow in data engineering. The goal is to take data which might be unstructured or difficult to use and serve a source of clean, structured data. It is very easy to build a simple data pipeline as a python script. In this article, we tell you about

5 Must-read books for DevOps and SRE.

5 must-read books for DevOps and SRE.

You all must always be searching for good books to read. In this post, we are going to talk about some great reads in computer science and technology space. Here I will be writing about books that I have read completely or partially. If you missed reading 3 must-read books for Kubernetes you can find

Are you preparing for DevOps and SRE Interview?

Here is a book for you.

Interview preparation and interview questions for DevOps and SRE

A good reads for last-minute preparations for handling DevOps and SRE interviews at companies like LinkedIn, Visa, Atlassian, etc.