What is chef-server and how chef-server works

What are chef servers and how to work with chef?

When you come in the world of infra/machine provisioning one of the big things that you hear talk about is Chef. In this article we will see what exactly is chef and how it works to make you provision your machines faster. Lets see what are chef server and how to work with chef?  

Web Socket implementation using Socket.io

Web Socket implementation using Socket.io

We learn about web sockets and how they solve the problems caused by pooling. You can read it here if you missed it. In this article we are going to talk about the implementation of web sockets. Web Sockets and how they solve the problem caused by pooling. For the article I am assuming that

Continuous Integration for your open Source project.

You must have heard of travis or jenkins if not you can read about them if you click on their name. Now you want continuous integration or lets leave this word. Lets say you want to run some command whenever you are committing something on github. Say you want to run test case, code quality

What are runlevels in linux systems?

What are runlevels in linux systems?

Recently I came to know about the runlevels in linux while going through  initd. So I thought of writing about it and here it is what are runlevels in linux systems? So there are 7 runlevels defined and these are numbered from 0-6.Following is the list of the runlevels. What are runlevels in linux systems?

How to get number of threads per process?

How to get number of threads per process?

When you are debugging the servers it is sometimes very important to get the count of thread each process is running, Here we will see different ways by which we can see the number of threads. Keep in mind that these commands are for ubuntu and may vary for different systems. Let us start and

netflix simian army

Do you know about Netflix Simian Army?

When we talk about micro services, cloud infrastructure and ability of the infrastructure which is resilient, Netflix is one of the top companies which comes into scene. Netflix always work in the direction of making its infrastructure more resilient to make it always available cause it has to serve a lot of traffic. In this


Go server less with AWS LAMBDA.

Yes, server less with AWS LAMBDA, this could be of great future use. If you are facing problems in managing servers what could be more easy to manage than no server. These are the words of Amazon CTO. Here we will be talking about aws service lambda which allows you to run your scripts or server

sqs fifo queues

Normal AWS SQS Queues and FIFO queues.

While working in one of the project I recently came across the problem. The problem was that the data I push in queue is not coming in the same order I push it in. I thought of it as a callback problem with my JS code but when I tried more I came to realise