ngrok: Serve your website from local system.

ngrok: Serve website from local system.

It is not an easy task to host a website and then do all the necessary tasks to keep it safe and secure. Now if you building something and for that, you have to give a demo and strict on timelines. Setting up the website and other tasks will consume a lot of time. If

Tools in DevOps for every purpose

Tools in DevOps for every purpose

In this article, we are going to see tools for a different section of DevOps. Tools when combined together form a solid base on which the SRE and DevOps rely on and most of the tools are opensource. Let’s start with tools in DevOps for every purpose. Lets first list down the different components that

What is Copy on Write and where is it used?

Redis bgsave taking a lot of memory. Here is the reason.

In recent times, I was working with Redis clusters which have very high throughput. While doing this we came across a problem which was Redis bgsave was taking a lot of memory sometimes almost as the same memory as the data present in the memory. In this small writeup, we will see why this happened.

Key metrics to monitor in Redis and optimization settings

Key metrics to monitor in Redis and optimization settings

Hi everyone in our last post we talked about Redis monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana. When I posted this on a few forums I got a suggestion that I should write about key metrics to watch while monitoring Redis. So let’s start the article Key metrics to monitor in Redis and optimization settings. Below are

sidecar pattern and ambassador pattern

Sidecar pattern vs ambassador pattern

Sidecar is one of the important patterns in today’s world of containerization and Kubernetes. Sidecar is a single node pattern and when we talk about a single node pattern we have another major pattern which is called ambassador pattern. In this article, we will talk about the difference between the sidecar pattern vs ambassador pattern.

Are you preparing for DevOps and SRE Interview?

Here is a book for you.

Interview preparation and interview questions for DevOps and SRE

A good reads for last-minute preparations for handling DevOps and SRE interviews at companies like LinkedIn, Visa, Atlassian, etc.