Tools in DevOps for every purpose

In this article, we are going to see tools for a different section of DevOps. Tools when combined together form a solid base on which the SRE and DevOps rely on and most of the tools are opensource. Let’s start with tools in DevOps for every purpose.

Tools in DevOps for every purpose

Lets first list down the different components that DevOps has to take care of and then we will try and list down a few of the best tools.

Spawning Machines:

This is a task that actually starts the machines. The tools that can do this for you terraform, pulumi. Terraform has evolved and it can work with most of the clients like AWS , Azure and GCP.

Build Systems:

Jenkins, Travis, CircleCI are popular tools for building systems. These are the systems that are used to run scripts, build container images, etc. These systems can do ad hoc tasks for you.


Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and salt are few of the very popular options. Provisioners are the system which does the basic installations on the machine.

Monitoring Utilities:

Prometheus is one of the most famous open-source tools that you can use. Besides this, there are tools like data dog, new relic, etc that do this for you. These systems need some exporter to either send data or expose data.

Logging Utilities:

For logging, you need log shippers first and then a system to process it. Two well-known systems for this are ELK [Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana] and one other is Graylog which uses mongo, elastic search in the backend. For log shipping you can use rsyslog, fluentd etc.

Alerting Utilities:

Sensu, pagerduty, prometheus can do the alerting for you. 


Grafana and Kibana are very famous open source projects for this purpose. 


Security is something that has a wide range. Talking about them is very tough, here are a few tools that will help you in managing security. Wazuh, falco, nessus are few of the tools.

Cluster Orchestration:

Kubernetes, Mesos, docker swarm are very good options.

Password and security manager:

Vault from hashicorp. Chef data bags is also a good option.

Event-driven automation system:

Stackstorm is a very good tool for that. 

Artifact storage:

Artifactory, docker hub are good options.

Feel free to add more tools in the comment and I will add them in this blog. This is not an exhaustive list and many more can be added. If you like the article please share and subscribe.

Gaurav Yadav

Gaurav is cloud infrastructure engineer and a full stack web developer and blogger. Sportsperson by heart and loves football. Scale is something he loves to work for and always keen to learn new tech. Experienced with CI/CD, distributed cloud infrastructure, build systems and lot of SRE Stuff.

  • Nitish Tiwari

    For monitoring, apart from Prometheus, which is pull based. Many people also use TIG stack (Telegraf as agent, Influxdb to store the metrics and Grafana for visualization).

    1. Gaurav Yadav

      You can use graphite for pull based metrics

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