Getting started with Jupyter Notebook

Getting started with Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebooks are a very powerful tool for data analysis to write and iterate on your Python code. It is an open source tool to analyze data and find useful information from dataset.  Installation of Jupyter Notebook. Prerequisite for installing Jupyter notebook is python3.3 or greater. We are using Anaconda distribution to Jupyter notebook as

DevOps Interview Questions: Important Python questions.

DevOps Interview Questions: Important Python questions.

In few of the previous articles we started talking about questions that can come in DevOps and SRE interviews. In this article, we are continuing the trend by bringing you the python questions that can come in the interviews. You can look at the last article below. When we talk about python involvement in DevOps,

Log parsing in python using regular expressions.Log parsing in python using regular expressions.

Log parsing in python using regular expressions.

Log parsing is a very basic problem for DevOps and SREs and we have a post on this regarding log parsing. You can find the post here In the earlier post, I have not used regex and have used only string manipulations to parse the logs. What is a regular expression? Regular expressions are a

Mutable vs Immutable datastructures

Mutable vs Immutable datastructures: Pros and Cons

Mutable vs Immutable datastructures are part of most of the programming languages so it is important to know how they behave, their strong and weak points. This blog is divided into two parts and it will talk about difference between the two parts. First part majorly deals with the benefits and drawbacks of immutability. Lets

monitoring infrastructure system design

Monitoring Infrastructure System Design

In this article about monitoring infrastructure system design, we will talk about how you can get metrics from any running application and software and then ship it and show it in a more understandable way. We will try to use the open-source software as much as possible. When we talk about this, we are talking

Logging infrastructure System Design

Logging Infrastructure System Design.

Logging infrastructure system design is very important for each and every infrastructure as you need to look into logs. When you have a huge number of applications talking to each other there is an enormous amount of logs that they produce. Handling this amount of logs can be very costly and a headache. Let’s look

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