Log parsing in python.

Log parsing in python. Read how you can do it.

While working with Nginx or any other server there is sometimes the need to parse the logs and see the consolidated view. This view can help you with identifying the things that are wrong like too many 5xx. Let’s have a look at log parsing in python. In this article, we will take nginx default

How to start python: Basic Tooling in Python

How to start python: Basic Tooling in Python

When we are talking about how to start python we must understand the basic tools that will help you in writing better code debugging and dependency management. How to start python projects. To start any project it is always recommended to create the project in its own environment. This means that anything that is installed

What are generWhat are generators in pythonators in python

Generators in Python

Generators are just like normal functions, what makes functions generators in yield statement instead of the return statement. Also since you starting to read about generators, you should have a look at Iterators in python and how it works.Lets read about generators in python. What is yield? Yield is a keyword that is used to

Best practices for programming

Best practices for programming

In this article, we will talk about best practices for programming in any language. Add readability to your code as much as possible. The function name should tell what this function does. The function should be visible in one screen. You should not scroll to view the whole function. Try to write pure functions instead

iterators in python

Iterators in python and how to create them

Generally, iterators are used to iterate over a list of objects. We use iterators without knowing we are using it. Let’s understand Iterators in python and look at the below example a = [1,2,4,5,6,7,8] for i in a: print(i) Here we have used iterator behind the scenes of for-in to loop over a list. How to create

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