What are SNAT and DNAT

If you are working as a DevOps you must have heard the name NAT. In this article, we will talk about them and SNAT and DNAT. NAT (Network Address translator) is generally used when you want to hide one side of the network and show it as a single IP. NAT keep a connection table

strace: See what system calls kernel is executing.

In linux environment when you run any piece of code, any application or software. The piece of code actually maps to the some set of instructions in kernel level. To see those instructions that are being executed for that piece of code we can use this tool called strace. We will see what system calls

What is GOROOT and GOPATH. Fixing the problem of go path export

What is GOROOT and GOPATH and how to fix it?

What is GOROOT and GOPATH and the problem of go path export.  I have been through this many times and have seen lot of people struggling to fix this. In this small post I will tell you how to fix this problem. Lets see what is GOROOT and GOPATH? How to install go latest version?

Decide which linux to use in 1 minute or less

Before starting I must mention the website Distrowatch here you can get information about all the linux distributions. Now starting over it depends on what kind of things you wanna do with your system. If you wanna explore the system like hacking or something : Kali If you want everything installed system and don’t want