Reverse Proxy Server

Reverse proxy vs forward proxy.

You may have heard the name of proxy servers and what they do. In this part of article we will be talking about the difference between reverse proxy server and forward proxy server. Why are they used and how you can setup a proxy server. Lets see Reverse proxy vs forward proxy. Forward Proxy Server: Forward

Unable to do ssh into machine.

Unable to do ssh into machine? I have seen this problem many time and i know this is one of the problems that everyone faces. Below are my personal list of things that you can try to solve this problem. Check for key permissions. This happens if you key or pem file does not have

What is a nameserver and how to run one

What is a nameserver and how to run one?

If you are working with websites and networking, you must have heard of the name of ‘NAMESERVERS’. We will try to figure out what exactly are these and how to install one and use it. Lets see what is a nameserver and how to run one What is a nameserver? These are the servers running

What is chef-server and how chef-server works

What are chef servers and how to work with chef?

When you come in the world of infra/machine provisioning one of the big things that you hear talk about is Chef. In this article we will see what exactly is chef and how it works to make you provision your machines faster. Lets see what are chef server and how to work with chef?