Web Socket implementation using Socket.io

Web Socket implementation using Socket.io

We learn about web sockets and how they solve the problems caused by pooling. You can read it here if you missed it. In this article we are going to talk about the implementation of web sockets. Web Sockets and how they solve the problem caused by pooling. For the article I am assuming that

what happens when you click a link

What happens when you click a link?

What happens when you click a link? So, when you click on a link,  there are three things that can happen. What happens when you click a link? 1. Simple Action with url and no javascript of any other such language involve, also no css is involved.  At a high level, when you click on

How to optimize javascript for performance – Top Points.

By following the below you can optimize the Javascript code for performance. For more insight follow the links mentioned in the article. Minimize DOM access, and try to work as much as possible in JavaScript code.   Use local variables to store DOM references you’ll access repeatedly.   Be careful when dealing with HTML collections

Javascript: Increasing performance using Dynamic Loading

  Hello folks, So we are back again with a new article regarding Javascript. This time we will talk about increasing the performance of web pages by different methods. So lets start with a fact. Earlier while rendering HTML when browser finds script tag it stops everything else and load the script and execute it

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