DevOps Interview Questions: Important Python questions.

In few of the previous articles we started talking about questions that can come in DevOps and SRE interviews. In this article, we are continuing the trend by bringing you the python questions that can come in the interviews. You can look at the last article below.

When we talk about python involvement in DevOps, it is very much important as in the basic day to day automation can be easily automated. It is also used widely in DevOps tools and learning this will take you to the next level. Now let’s see the questions that can come in interviews.

DevOps Interview Questions: Important Python questions.

String and array manipulation

You should read about basic string manipulations like replacing a few words, searching for a pattern, array traversal, and manipulation.

Reading and writing to files

How to open a file in reading and writing mode and putting and reading data from a file. Python provides a very easy way to read and write to files you just have to go through it and understand the syntax and different options.

Make a request to a remote server.

In this section read about how to use requests library of python. API calls are something that is very frequently used in DevOps. As most of the tools provide APIs to interact with them and with help of python and the REST APIs we can easily automate it.

Parse JSON, YML, and other file formats

You can read about JSON, pyyaml libraries, and other such data formats. When you use APIs and other tools you have to deal with these types of data formats and thus having its knowledge will help you a lot.

How to scrape a webpage?

BeautifulSoup and XML can be very useful. This is not very useful but sometimes used in rare scenarios.

Threading model of python

Threading and multiprocessing library. Iterators, Generators, and list comprehension. You can also read about where to use multithreading and where to use multiprocessing.

Questions that are frequently asked.

Log Parsing.

API calls and fetching data and formatting it.

Compare the integrity of two directories.

There were a few points that you should cover while preparing for DevOps and SRE interviews. You can read more about python as it can be used in both systems and development. You can read more articles on python below.

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