What components a simple software project should have?

When we talk about what component a software project should have we have many things that come in our mind like logging, error handling and reporting. In this article we are going to talk about few such components that will make your project complete. Lets start with what components a simple software project should have.

Lets see What components a simple software project should have

What components a simple software project should have


Yes, it is one of the things that every project should have as it helps a lot in tracking what is actually happening and is the project doing what it is expected to do. Every framework have something for logging so you don’t have to worry about how to implement logging.

Instead of simple logging people also use Graylog and Sentry logging which makes their experience of searching in logs very easy.

Continuous Integration

This makes the project more secure if you run test cases on each commit and thus no unintended error will propagate to production. Its really simple to integrate with travis or jenkins. You just have to write a travis.yml file or Jenkinsfile in case or jenkins.

Security Checker

This is must have if your project deals with security or something around it. What you have to do is find a package that can be used to test security of packages you are using and integrate them with travis. They will fail the build if there is any vulnerability in your projects dependency.

Here is few articles on how to do this.

Python dependency security vulnerability checker.

Packages to check dependency vulnerabilities in Rails, Node, php and python.

Version control

This is something which everyone use but still I am mentioning it here as it is one of the most important to take in consideration as it will make it easy for others to contribute. Git is the best tool you can use it for this purpose. Here is a nice article to start with git.

Git and how to use it.

Requirements or package dependency

This is important to make it easy for others to start with setup of your project. Thus making it easy for others to use it.


Pager Duty if its critical

If your application is super critical and you want to be informed whenever there is any mishap with the application. In such case you pager duty. They inform you when ever anything goes wrong.


Proper Git Ignore file if you are using git

You must use proper gitignore file if you are using git. It happens that by mistake you pushed some secrets in git. You should avoid such scenarios in all condition.


Analytics or tracking. 

You must keep track of how many times your project is run or such numbers. Like how many times your page is being visited. For such case you must use some analytics tools to keep in depth insight if nothing is going wrong. For UI projects you can use google anaytics.


These are few things that your project can have and these will make it sure to keep it more resilient.

This is the end of article on What components a simple software project should have.

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