Codiva: Online code compiler that compiles on the fly.

When it comes to compiling code for competitive programming, I prefer using online compilers as they don’t need to be installed and no need to run codes to run them. These were some features I like about online compiling and I don’t want to run commands to compile.

What I hate was compiling again and again when you get some compilation errors. And then this code compiler Codiva made me happy when I saw it compiles on the fly. So lets have a look at it.

Codiva: Online code compiler that compiles on the fly. online compiler and IDE supports C, C++ and Java. It is super fast and easy to use. Suitable for students in classroom and assignments, practicing interview problems.

What is code compilation?

Code compiling is the process in which the compiler converts the code into another machine understandable format of code like assembly and then binary. Compilers are essential if you want to start coding in languages that are compiled.

Lets say you don’t have a computer system with you. In this case you can go for online code compiling if you have a browser in your phone.


In recent time the online code compiling is one of the big things that came in programming industry but again this is limited to competitive programming for now. You cannot go on and compile and run code that use system resource due to security constraints.

While searching for code compilers, I got this online compiler named Codiva that tries to compile the code on the fly and gives you errors before hand. This saves your time as you don’t have to compile and see if there are errors.

Advantages of Codiva.

Codiva editor has syntax highlighting and autocomplete.

Saves you a lot of time by compiling in the background, after every few keystrokes. The error lines are highlighted within a second after typing the code.

Codiva can really run interactive programs. No more, specifying stdin upfront like in ideone.

You can create multiple files, and packages.

Works on mobile (just install coding keyboard) even on 2G network.

Codiva project can be embedded in your blog in one easy step. So your users can directly run your sample code without leaving the browser.

These are some good points about Codiva.

Drawback of Codiva.

The UI is still immature and needs some overhaul. Everything else seems good to me.

Supports just C, C++ and Java. May be they add some more language support in future.


This editor has some really great to have features and I will certainly recommend this to anyone.

I didn’t go for performance testing and security review. I will do it in future and will update here.

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