Monitor your unix system resources using HTOP.

Monitor your unix system resources using HTOP.

When it comes to servers it is really important to keep track of memory, cpu utilization, which processes are taking what amount of CPU, what process are orphan processes etc. All these are required to take necessary step like kill a process if it is taking a lot of CPU or trigger autoscaling when CPU

Why to use process instead of threads in python?

Python: Increasing performance of your code: For vs Map

In this performance of programming language article we are going to talk about some small tips which will help you in Increasing performance of your python code. Lookup for function is costly. Lets say we have to write a loop which will run till the length and calls upper on each string. alist = [‘a’,’b’,’c’] for item

How to blink LED lights using raspberry pi

How to blink LED lights using raspberry pi

Hello everyone we are back with another article on how to blink LED lights using Raspberry pi. This will be a short tutorial follow the steps and you will be able to get a LED blink as you instruct it.   How to Blink LED lights using raspberry pi What you need: Raspberry PI LED

Python dependency security vulnerability checker

Python dependency security vulnerability checker.

In an article before we talked about packages to test dependency security vulnerability for php, node and ROR packages. In this tutorial we are going to talk about python dependency security vulnerability checker which can be very useful for checking security loopholes in python projects which are listed by the open source community. The package we are going to

Micro-interaction animations

Awesome micro-interaction animations

Micro-interaction animations are the small events that happens when you do some very small things like hover click e.t.c. Today we will see some awesome micro-interaction design. These are not build by me but by different people, you can follow these people mentioned at the end. I am just show casing it here. Everything shown

Role Based Access Control

Role Based Access Control for your application

Role Based Access Control is a system in which you give particular permissions to particular users based on their roles. In this article we will try making simple role based access control for your application. Our RBAC will make use of only 5 tables. I guess this is enough if your making it real simple.