What are PWA or progressive web apps?

What are PWA or progressive web apps?

Progressive web apps can appear to the user like traditional applications or (native) mobile applications. This new application type attempts to combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experience. It is available only for chrome for now. Now lets see What are PWA or progressive web apps? PWA or progressive web apps

What are AMP or accelerated mobile pages

What are AMP or accelerated mobile pages?

AMP or accelerated mobile pages are pages which don’t contain normal Javascript and are really fast. Also google search engine caches these pages and recognise them as AMP and serve them on mobile devices. It also helps in getting better rank in search engines. Lets see in depth what are AMP or accelerated mobile pages. What

How to host your static site with github.io subdomain

How to host your static site with github.io subdomain

You may have seen many sites which have github.io as a domain name. In this article we are going to discuss how to host your static site with github.io subdomain. You can also host your site with your_subdomain.github.io. Its just that your sub domain that is your_subdomain should be unique. How to setup github pages


Bollywood Analytics has a new look.

Hey, everyone. So our fun project bollywood analytics has got new look and its all done by a friend of mine. He used angular js for the same and google charts apis. He is currently working on it and more advanced ui will come soon. Visit http://www.bollywoodanalytics.com. The whole UI change is done by him itself

netflix simian army

Do you know about Netflix Simian Army?

When we talk about micro services, cloud infrastructure and ability of the infrastructure which is resilient, Netflix is one of the top companies which comes into scene. Netflix always work in the direction of making its infrastructure more resilient to make it always available cause it has to serve a lot of traffic. In this


Go server less with AWS LAMBDA.

Yes, server less with AWS LAMBDA, this could be of great future use. If you are facing problems in managing servers what could be more easy to manage than no server. These are the words of Amazon CTO. Here we will be talking about aws service lambda which allows you to run your scripts or server

sqs fifo queues

Normal AWS SQS Queues and FIFO queues.

While working in one of the project I recently came across the problem. The problem was that the data I push in queue is not coming in the same order I push it in. I thought of it as a callback problem with my JS code but when I tried more I came to realise

What are Docker and Containers: An introduction

Hello World with Docker: Learning Docker and Containers.

In our last article we talked about dockers and containters. Here we are going to say do hello world in docker. For this we need to install docker and see few basic commands of docker. Hello World with Docker Installation You can download docker from here https://www.docker.com/docker-ubuntu. Or you can also use these instructions to install docker in