Logrotate: How and Why you should use it properly.

Logrotate: How and why you should use it properly.

In my on-call duty for the last few years. One thing that comes, again and again, is log cleanup. This happens because of the wrong logrotate or no use of this at all. When we talk about disk cleanup, this is kind of toil to me. To understand what is toil you can look at

Swap memory and how it affects your latencies.

Swap memory and how it affects your latencies.

When you work with Linux and memory you must have heard the term swap memory. In this article, we are going to see how swap memory affects the latencies of your system, and should you keep them or not? What is a swap memory? It is a memory space that is made available separately to

Do you know about honeypot servers?

What are a honeypot server and its uses?

Every one of you must be aware of the term hacking and on the web, domain hackers have to make malicious requests to take down the servers. There are many kinds of attacks that they try to perform and these honeypot servers are ways to analyze their attack patterns. What is a honeypot server? Honeypot