What are the components of nodes in Kubernetes? Basics on Kubernetes

In this article on series basics on Kubernetes, we are going to talk about what is the component of nodes in Kubernetes and what are their tasks. Before that, if you have not read about the control plane in Kubernetes, you can read about it below.

Node components:

Node components are the process that will run on nodes to facilitate the working of Kubernetes. The components are kube-proxy, kubelet, and container runtime.


Kube proxy helps in routing the traffic with help of iptables to the exact location when you call any service. It makes changes in iptables to help the packet reach a destination when a service is called. If you want to read more about it you can read the below article.


Kubelet is a process that manages different tasks on a node, like join the Kubernetes cluster and launching the pods. Keeping the health on a node as well as pods. You can read about it more in below article

Container Runtime:

Container runtime is a process that takes care of containers. It launches the container as instructed by kubelet. In most cases, you must have seen or used docker. Containerd, CRI-O are other options that can be used. If you want to read what happens in container launch you can read the below article.

This was very basic on the node component of kubernetes. if you like the article please share and subscribe.

If you like that article please share and subscribe.

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