How TCP works

Why is TCP a reliable Protocol for sending data.

TCP stands for transport control protocol and it works in Transport Layer of Internet Protocol Stack. In this article we will see in short why is TCP a reliable protocol for sending data. This article is meant for very basic understanding and doesn’t deal with packets and other algorithms. We will talk about them in

How Internet Protocol Works?

How Internet Protocol works?

IP stands for internet protocol and it powers the whole internet. In this small article we will see How Internet Protocol works for you and your software. Internet Protocol basically powers the whole internet. IP works in network layer and each packet or say datagram or packet in the network need to interact to it

What is GOROOT and GOPATH. Fixing the problem of go path export

What is GOROOT and GOPATH and how to fix it?

What is GOROOT and GOPATH and the problem of go path export.  I have been through this many times and have seen lot of people struggling to fix this. In this small post I will tell you how to fix this problem. Lets see what is GOROOT and GOPATH? How to install go latest version?

Release process

Working on Scale: Automating release process.

Welcome to the fourth article in the series working on scale. It has been long after the last article. In this article we will be focussing on he why and automating release process. When you are working with scale there are many thing that will bother you. One them is very frequent releases. If you