3 must-read books for Kubernetes users and developers

In our previous article, we talked about 5 must-read books for DevOps and SRE which I have read and found very interesting and knowledgeable. If you missed the post you can find it here.

In this article, we will talk about few books which I loved a lot and have read either fully or partially or heard about them from someone. So let’s start with 3 books for Kubernetes users and developers.

If you have not read about the basic Kubernetes you can start reading on Learnsteps from here. https://www.learnsteps.com/tag/basics-on-kubernetes/

Kubernetes: Up and Running – Dive into the Future of Infrastructure

The books talk about the basic objects and entities of Kubernetes one by one in each chapter. It also has a working example of all the knowledge that it shares. This is highly recommended for anyone who is just starting in Kubernetes and what to understand the objects of Kubernetes.

The next few books that I am going to talk about are for the Kubernetes developers. Now for developing operators in Kubernetes you need to know Golang. So let’s move with a very awesome Golang book.

Concurrency in Go: Tools and Techniques for Developers

This is a great book to understand concurrency in Golang. In fact, in the first few chapters, the way parallelism and concurrency are described wonderfully. After reading the first two chapters you will understand, you took a great decision by starting this book.

Programming Kubernetes: Developing Cloud-Native Applications

A must-read book for anyone who is starting to do development in Kubernetes. When you are developing something in Kubernetes it will mostly be around Kubernetes APIs and objects and in most cases, you will end up using operators. The book takes you through different design decisions of Kubernetes and why they chose to do it. It also talks about how you can write operators in the best possible ways. After reading this book you will be able to give the rationale behind different decisions like why is there metadata in each object of Kubernetes. [This is for implementing optimistic concurrency]. You can read about this in the below article.

These are three books that I have read personally and find them very useful. You can give them a read and comment if you like them.

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