What exactly does cloud-native mean?

This is the era of cloud computing and everyone is using it. Cloud computing has given the power of scalability in your hands On the other hand it has made deployments a bit tougher. Sitting at one end of the scalability spectrum. You can read about the two extremes of scalability here.

They provide power to scale 100s of instances in a minute and reliability as you can choose the instance to span across multiple zones or regions. Cloud provides so much power to you but to build on top of cloud computing you need to have your apply some changes.

For example, there is a very basic assumption we take while building apps for the cloud which is any cloud instance can fail at any time. So we have to build the app in a way that the failure of few instances will not bring down the app. There are more such issues for which, you have to think of while developing the app for clouds. Now, let’s move to our topic what exactly is cloud-native?

What exactly does cloud-native mean?

What is cloud-native?

Cloud-native is an idea using which companies or developers build apps that support cloud-native. This means they write an app to use the advantages of cloud computing. This enables them to scale faster, have more disaster-safe deployments, make their deployment cycle faster [These needs some thinking else it can increase the time to market also].

So don’t get confused when someone says, cloud-native. They simply mean that their application can be deployed on a cloud without any modifications.

These clouds can include both private and public clouds. Private clouds are the infrastructure that companies build for themselves, while private clouds are the ones that are offered to the public like AWS, GCP, Azure.

When you think about cloud-native applications you have to keep a lot of things in mind while building the app. We will talk about this in our next articles.

You can follow CNCF which is a cloud-native computing foundation and they have a lot of resources to read.

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