WordPress plugin to make your website AMP compatible.

What are AMP or accelerated mobile pages

First, AMP stands for amplified web pages. In recent year everyone is trying to increase the reach of data to bigger audience that to using less data. These efforts leads to technologies like PWD and AMP. These technologies make use of components like service worker and optimized javascript to make it less data costly and easily accessible by caching them. One of them is amp or accelerated mobile pages. They are cached by google and the data is served even if your website is down using the cached version of the website.Lets see wordpress plugin to make your website AMP compatible.

WordPress plugin to make your website AMP compatible.

Now if you are using wordpress to host your site, it is really easy to make your website AMP compatible. The best plugin I have used for this purpose is amp plugin for wordpress. Follow this link to visit the wordpress plugin.  Name of the plugin is AMP itself.

What it does:

It removes the javascript which is not required and keeps only the minimal html required. Thus making it very cheap with respect to data and thus make it easy to be cached. It adds the below listed tag which directs google to cache it as an AMP page.

<link rel="amphtml" href="https://www.learnsteps.com/what-are-runlevels-in-linux-systems/amp/" />

Also if you want to see amp version of any web page you can simply add /amp/ to the end of url and you will see the amp page. Below are the screenshots of normal and simple web page.

Wordpress plugin to make your website AMP compatible.
AMP version of webpage.

Wordpress plugin to make your website AMP compatible.
Normal version of webpage.

You can see the difference by yourself.

Now you must be wondering how to install these wordpress plugins. Its really simple just follow this link and you will be able to install any wordpress plugin.
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What are AMP or accelerated mobile pages?

What are PWA or progressive web apps?

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