What are AMP or accelerated mobile pages?

AMP or accelerated mobile pages are pages which don’t contain normal Javascript and are really fast. Also google search engine caches these pages and recognise them as AMP and serve them on mobile devices. It also helps in getting better rank in search engines. Lets see in depth what are AMP or accelerated mobile pages.

What are AMP or accelerated mobile pages?

What are AMP or accelerated mobile pages

What exactly are AMP?

These are the simple minimal html version of a webpage and is very fast to load. It is a google backed project intended as an open standard for any publisher to have their pages load swiftly on mobile devices. Since these pages are really fast to load it adds value to your web content by making it available to the viewers faster.

You can see the amp version of this page here AMP VERSION OF THIS PAGE.

How It helps?

By loading content faster you retain the readers which can left because of the long loading time.

Also google cache this amp version of your site and serve it on requests. Thus serves it faster.

AMP pages are built with 3 core components: AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP Cache.

AMP HTML is just like regular HTML, but parsed according to Google minimum consideration.

AMP JS makes use of amp js library. Since most of the third party javascript are not used. One of the biggest optimization is that the AMP script applies is it loads everything asynchronously which is external, so nothing in the page can block other resources from rendering.

Google AMP implements its own proxy-based cache for delivering all valid AMP documents. It caches AMP HTML pages immediately after fetching them for future requests. Moreover, the document, as well as all JS files and images load from the same origin, using HTTP 2.0, for greater efficiency.

Different URL format:

Your site has different amp version with uri as /amp. If your site as /amp version of all your pages and are in amp format, google will cache them.


AMP  are very useful as these loads real fast and thus makes the content available to larger number of audience and also it may help you get better rank in Google search.

Read more about it here AMP PROJECT

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