What are runlevels in linux systems?

What are runlevels in linux systems?
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Recently I came to know about the runlevels in linux while going through  initd. So I thought of writing about it and here it is what are runlevels in linux systems?

So there are 7 runlevels defined and these are numbered from 0-6.Following is the list of the runlevels.

What are runlevels in linux systems?

What are runlevels in linux systems?

Here is a list of runlevels in linux:

Run Level Mode What is does
0 Halt System Shutdown
1 Single User No network interfaces, start daemons, or allow non-root logins
2 Multi User No configure network interfaces or start daemons.
3 Multi User with Networking Starts the system normally.Like most of the servers with terminal
4 User defined Not used/User-definable
5 Multi User with display As most of the desktops are launched with display.
6 Reboot Reboots the system

These are standard runlevels and are used while init the system.

To see which runlevel your system is running in. Open terminal and type


It will show the runlevel like below

What are runlevels in linux systems?

These are used in initd to write startup init scripts.

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