What are AMP or accelerated mobile pages

WordPress plugin to make your website AMP compatible.

First, AMP stands for amplified web pages. In recent year everyone is trying to increase the reach of data to bigger audience that to using less data. These efforts leads to technologies like PWD and AMP. These technologies make use of components like service worker and optimized javascript to make it less data costly and

Top 10 must have plugins for wordpress.

So when we talk about blogging wordpress is one of the best thing available to start your blog real quick and in about say 6 hours you can build your blog from scratch. Read about setting up blog with wordpress from scratch here. https://www.learnsteps.com/blog-with-wordpress-aws-and-nginx/   Considering that you know about wordpress, you must also be

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Interview preparation and interview questions for DevOps and SRE
Interview preparation and questions for DevOps and SRE

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