Top 10 must have plugins for wordpress.

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So when we talk about blogging wordpress is one of the best thing available to start your blog real quick and in about say 6 hours you can build your blog from scratch.

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Considering that you know about wordpress, you must also be aware that plugins play a very important part in wordpress hosting. With wordpress plugins you can manage socials, email subscribers, advertisements, analytics and all the setup within minutes.

So lets start with top 10 must have plugins



This plugin will come in handy when you have to setup mails using the SMTP of third party like Yandex. The plugin is very easy to use and also provides testing option for you to check weather your mails are being delivered or not. You can find the plugin here Easy WP-SMTP.

Also read about setting up smtp for wordpress below.



Email Subscribers

When it comes to blogging managing the email subscriber is one of the most important part that you have to handle with care. Email Subscribers plugin will make your task really easy and you can manage posting message email with every new post very easily. You can keep templates, add cron jobs, categorize mails, see the reports and others. It is one of the best plugin I have used for managing my email subscribers. It also offers options to import and export emails which is very helpful when you migrate your blog.



Monsters Insight


This plugin is for integrating google analytics into your dashboard. It makes it really easy to get all the data on your dashboard and you don’t have to go to Google Analytics to see your reports and all. Its really easy to setup this plugin. Just install the plugin and authenticate from your google analytics account and it will manage everything else. It has setting page which manages your analytics code, outbound links and many more.



Sitemap Generator

Seems very small but when it comes to search engines the sitemaps plays very important role. What this plugin does is generate a sitemap.xml file in your root directory which you can submit on Google Search Console which will help google indexing site easily. It provides options managing what link to list and what not to list. Try this plugin 



Google Adsense


This could be one of the place from where you will start generating revenue. This plugin will come in use when you have an active ad-sense account. This plugin offers an interactive way of placing adds in your web pages. It also follows the restriction from google ad-sense thus keeping you safe. According to me this is the only recommended plugin for using ad-sense.



One Signal Push


Next in the list comes the notification using web push and also mobile push notifications. This service is provided by One Signal. The plugin is provided by one signal for wordpress and it makes the implementation of push notification a piece of cake. Now by using one signal you can also manage users and whom to send the notification.



kk Star Ratings

Lets say you want your users to rate your blogs and those rating should go to Google Search Indexing. For this google uses a format called Rich Snippets. Through this Google gets to know the stars and what to show in rating. Now it seems a heavy task to implement but by using this plugin you can implement it in 1 minute.



Header and Footer Script

What happens sometimes is that you have to put some scripts in the header for verification and all. Lets say you have to put a script for google analytics in the page for this. What will you do, certainly you will not want to touch the code in this case comes this plugin. This plugin enables you to put codes in the head section and footer section and your problem will be solved in a minute.



Yoast SEO


This tool is must have for the blogger as it help you putting the good title length, keywords, tells about readability and many more things that matters. This tool also shows you the preview of what will be shown in the Google search page. This help you with the search engine indexing which is very important for your blogs.




This tool is kind of monitoring and analytics tool and helps to keep the look on what happening day by day in your website. It blocks the few of malicious attacks and also tells you if your server is down. This is great to have tool as it will help you increase the performance of your blog.


So these were the Top 10 tools that you can try and recommend others. For more such articles subscribe


Gaurav Yadav

Gaurav is cloud infrastructure engineer and a full stack web developer and blogger. Sportsperson by heart and loves football. Scale is something he loves to work for and always keen to learn new tech. Experienced with CI/CD, distributed cloud infrastructure, build systems and lot of SRE Stuff.

  • Suryakant sahoo

    Thanks, Gaurav for this amazing breakdown of these must-have plugins. All blogs on the internet should have these plugins to make them more successful. Thanks for this amazing list.


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