Learn Vagrant from Scratch : Conclusion and other points

Setup and Boxes Starting and SSH into Box Syncing local folder to the virtual machine Setting up environment for the virtual machine Networking forwarding port to host machine and other options Sharing the Vagrant images Conclusion and other points Thus we reached to the basic usage of vagrant and we learned about provisioning, port forwarding

Learn Vagrant from Scratch.

What is Vagrant: Vagrant is a command line utility for managing virtual machines and its different functions. You can start the virtual machine, provision it, ssh into it and other things just by using this command line utility. For moe about vagrant go here. Why Vagrant: Developer’s huge chunk of time is involved in setting

Learn Vagrant from Scratch : Initial Setup and Boxes

Setup and Boxes Vagrant reads its setting and instructions from Vagrantfile. It is generally present in its home directory. This file is created once you start initialize the vagrant. Supposing you are in your root directory of vagrant. Run this to initialize your vagrant. vagrant init Now you will have a Vagrantfile in your root