Learn Vagrant from Scratch.

What is Vagrant:

Vagrant is a command line utility for managing virtual machines and its different functions. You can start the virtual machine, provision it, ssh into it and other things just by using this command line utility. For moe about vagrant go here.

Why Vagrant:vagrant1

Developer’s huge chunk of time is involved in setting up the environment for starting work. This setting up may take from 30 min from installing ubuntu to even 2 hours or more. Vagrant can reduce the time by one time setup. once provisioned vagrant instance can be spawned and you will get exact environment with no change at all. Just do Vagrant up and everything will be installed for you

Vagrant is very easy to use and for developers it runs in command like which is more than enough of a reason. On top of it it works with almost all the providers like Virtual Machine , VMware, AWS or any other.

Installing Vagrant:

Vagrant is very easy to install, just download vagrant from here  and use the standard procedure for the installation for the operating systems.

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