Amazon fire TV and how it works for Indian users

I have been using Amazon Fire TV stick for a month for now and after writing about Amazon Echo Dot which you can read here, thought of writing about fire stick TV as well. Lets see Amazon fire TV and how it works for Indian users.

Amazon Echo Dot for Indian users and how it works for our accent.

Amazon fire TV and how it works for Indian users.

What it is?

Amazon Fire TV Stick connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. With a huge selection of Bollywood, Hollywood and regional language movies, TV episodes, voice search that actually works, it’s the easiest way to enjoy Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube, Eros Now, Gaana, music, games and more.

Amazon fire TV and how it work for Indian users.
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Where you can buy this product.

This is an amazon exclusive and you can buy it here.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player


Amazon Fire stick TV has mini version of alexa.

In this alexa can search in prime videos only and cannot search in other apps which is a fallback and is expected to be able to search in other application. It is one of the most required feature. You can launch the alexa assistant by pressing a voice button which is present on your remote.

I will call it a chrome cast replacement with added features.

If you are not able to decide which one to buy chrome cast or amazon fire tv stick. Buy fire tv stick as it support the cast option, means you can directly cast from your mobiles you tube and such stuff.

What about remote?

This is something pretty cool, the remote is a great design in itself. It has just eleven button and you can adjust to it pretty easily. One problem that is face is when you have to type something for search. It gets tough in this scenario. If you have to search a lot of stuff try using your mobile as a remote it is very simple to type in mobile interface.

It doesn’t support 4k Videos 

No Integration with Amazon Echo dot in India.

It does not support integration with amazon echo dot, which could be a great feature if Alexa can play directly to your fire tv. I would love to see this feature in coming future.

How well it recognizes Indian accent?

It gets what you speak clearly even with the Indian accent. I searched for lot of stuff it always gets me right though sometimes the searched content is not present.

The UI is good and responsive. 

Next comes how is the UI. I don’t found any lag or issues with the UI for the last one month I am using it. It is responsive and the content is very well categorized. The apps like Netflix and Hotstar are good quality. Though it doesn’t has any native Youtube app which is fulfilled by third party apps.

It has Bluetooth if you don’t have audio jack in your monitors.

This is one relief point as it has bluetooth and can connect to speakers through this if you don’t have audio jack in your monitor.

Content of amazon prime video. 

It has some great content and looking into the future it may overtake Netflix. Yes Netflix content is not present on prime videos but yes you can always use Netflix on amazon fire tv stick.


So this was Amazon fire TV and how it works for Indian users. If you like the article please share and subscribe.

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    i am also using amazon fire tv stick and its amazing but Amazon fire TV and how it works for usa users

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