Amazon Echo Dot for Indian users and how it works for our accent.

I got my amazon echo dot today and after exploring this device I decided to write about how it works for us. First of all what is amazon echo dot and how it will help you. Lets see how Amazon Echo Dot for Indian user works.

Amazon Echo Dot for Indian users
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Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

It is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, read the news, set alarms, read audiobooks from Audible, control Amazon Video on Fire TV, and more

You can buy it here:
Echo Dot – Voice control your music, Get news, weather & more (Includes 1 Year Prime Membership) – Black

Echo devices recently made entry in Indian market and I got this device today only so writing about it.

How it fits in Indian atmosphere

So after setting it up, the first thing I asked is to play some music and to my surprise it played hindi bollywood song. The first impression it made is awesome since it played the song of my native language.

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It can book a cab for me

This is something I didn’t expect to work but again it surprised me and booked an Ola for me. What i had to do is just add skill in it and say “Alexa, ask ola to book a cab to work”. Then it asked me question to which kind of cab to book and then after giving time info of the closest ride asked for confirmation. And then it booked the cab. It was a wow from me.

Alexa can connect and disconnect from speakers 

You can ask Alexa to connect with speakers and it will. Yes you have to have it paired before hand. It can also control sound.

Alexa cab tell news which is pretty common for assistants.

But you can select from which news provider you want the flash briefing from.

For music lovers

It has a great integration with saavn app and it can play songs, album, artists and radio pretty easily. I asked to play “tu aa to sahi” on saavn and it did the job.

It can order food.

Yes you can order food from freshmenu but for now it only supports cash payments and you have to set default address for your order.

It keeps context.

I love the way how it keeps context and relates to it whenever you say anything new. You will feel it once you use this device.


It cannot connect to my amazon fire stick TV  and cannot call 🙁 

This is something I missed  a lot as this feature is not supported in India. I would love to see this feature in Indian version of Echo dot. Also Alexa calling is for now not available in India.

This device is value for money from my side.

Will post further testing and anything I found good or bad about it.

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