Results of World War 2: What, why, effects and consequences?


World War Second is one of the deadliest wars fought for almost 6 year from 1939 -1945. The war was fought between United States, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Poland, Italy, the Nazi Germany and Japanese Empire. It was started in September 1939 when Nazi Germany under the leadership of Hilter invaded Poland, which resulted in France and United Kingdom declaring war against the Nazi Germany and ended with the nuclear explosion on August 1945 over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The total casuality is estimated to be around 75 Million which was around 3% of the total population at that time. With more than 60% of citizens losing their lives in this territorial expansion by Japan and Nazi Germany it is the most deadliest series of events in the history of world. These casualities includes 10000 Japanese suiciding in only one day to the mass murder on industrial scale by Hilter in Nazi camps.

The war was cause of the greed of territorial expansion of Japan and Germany and the control over the resources of the world. The world war was not just the destruction it is also the cause of few of many important things as we now them in todays world. Few are listed below:

Few points to note.

  • The biggest is United States of America. Yes, the United states that you saw today as a giant is somewhat result of that devastating war. The United states at that time became the production unit of the allies. Allies consist of United Kingdom, USA and Russia.
  • This was the time when women got equality in United States as they hit the production units and fought the war along side with men.
  • The hollywood as you know of now is also one of the major factors for United States to able to won the war. The Hollywood played a very important role by generating almost 50% of the money which was calculated by Americans which they need to fought the war. Hollywood did it by selling the war bonds and without Hollywood it would be very tough for United States to enter the war.
  • Discovery like magnetron and airplane advances came at that time. The United states got a box full of all the inventions, theories and discoveries from United Kingdom in order to help them and then started production of these things in very large scales.
  • Intelligence war, this was the time when the code breakers came into action and played a great wait you can say most important role in Americans victory over Japan. The code breaker under Alan turing break the code to predict the next attack of Japan and the exact scale of the attack which gave United States Edge over Japanese.
  • India as you know of as free is also somewhat cause of world was as United kingdom became week after world war.


  • As we have already discussed the war start because of the expansion of Japan and Nazi Germany.
  • Till December 1941 United States was neutral and was not in the war. So what make them enter the war. It was the Japanese.
  • The Japanese attacked the United States on Pearl Harbor and the US president Franklin D. Roosevolt declared war against the Japanese and entered the road towards becoming a giant.
  • Japan attacked United states knowing that if it enters the wars it will be very tough for Japanese so they want to cripple the United States. United States got lucky in pearl harbor and many of its resources were safe like oil, the most important resource for the nation.

In further coming series we will learn about the roles played by different countries and strategies, Britain Airforce, Stalingrad and many more thing.

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