Top 8 websites every web developer should know.

When you are in field of rapid web development and deployment, sometimes it becomes really important to get help with certain issues, in this scenario these sites come handy. They save us a lot of time and provide us with the best solutions.

Here is the list of Top 8 sites that I used while web development.

  1. Stackoverflow: This is my favorite you will get anything and everything related to web development here. How to use Stackoverflow? Just type your keywords and then stackoverflow in google and it will give the best results from stackoverflow stackoverflow
  2. W3schools : If you are beginner in web development, this is site you must start with. It has all the tutorials related to web development and all for free. Starting from HTML to Angular this site has everything.
  3. Digital Ocean : In web development server installation and configurations are one of the trickiest things to accomplish. Digital Ocean help us by providing most awesome tutorials for  server installation and configuration. The most awesome thing about this is the way it is described. Once you are expert you can also start writing articles and get paid. Digital Ocean also provides cloud hosting.
  4. Amazon Web Services :  Want to run a server of your own, AWS provides all the services you need to run your servers and other services. The most awesome thing for starters is that it provides 750 hours of free server usage which can be used in 1 year. So this is awesome option for trying out new things with DEVOPS.
  5. Heroku : It a platform as a service which provides you space to host your application, starting from Ruby On Rails to Node to Flask, it has all types of platform available for your apps.
  6. Bootsnip : This is the place from where you can get simple web designs for free to use and trust me these designs are awesome.
  7. Tutorials Point : If you want to find almost everything related to normal web development, this is the place. I have mentioned w3 schools above but this site has way more option than w3 . Its domain also contains commerce and finance.
  8. Topcoder :  This is the site which comes when you have learned web development and want to test your skills. Topcoder provides contests to test your skills and give a good amount of money for that.

Gaurav Yadav

Gaurav is cloud infrastructure engineer and a full stack web developer and blogger. Sportsperson by heart and loves football. Scale is something he loves to work for and always keen to learn new tech. Experienced with CI/CD, distributed cloud infrastructure, build systems and lot of SRE Stuff.

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