Level order traversal of a binary tree in python.

Level order traversal of a binary tree in python.
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Binary tree are the tree where one node can have only two child and cannot have more than two.

Level order traversal of a binary tree.

Level order traversal means that we visit the nodes level by level. Like for below tree the level order traversal will be Level order traversal of a binary tree.

Its Level order traversal will be

1 2 3 4 5

Here is the code for doing that.

class Node:

        def __init__(self,data):

                self.left = None

                self.right = None

                self.data = data

def level_order(queue):

        if len(queue) == 0:


        node = queue[0]


        if node.left:


        if node.right:


        print node.data


queue = list()

root = Node(1)


root.left = Node(2)

root.right = Node(3)

root.left.left = Node(4)

root.left.right = Node(5)


# 1 2 3 4 5 

What we did here:

We make use of queues to do the level order traversal. What we did is we visit a node and put its left and right child in the queue and delete the current node. In this way we visit the tree in level order.

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