What I learned in my first 100 days of blogging.

Hey folks so this post is not about technology or history but in this article I will share what I learned in my first 100 days of blogging.

Most of these times I kept on experimenting with different things to get better traffic and trust me its not easy as it seems by reading about it online. Its more than 100 days and the traffic is really below my expectations of what I thought when I started writing the blogs. Its ranges around 20-70 unique visitors with 30 – 100 page views. Yup this is tough.

One of the major problem is I didn’t research around keywords which is going to be my next major task. Yes keywords are very important when it comes to SEO.

So now I will be sharing different things that you must notice when you are getting started.


Reddit is mind blowingreddit-image

Reddit could be one hell of a traffic source if your blog post is really good. I felt it as one of my post got me 250 views from reddit in one day. This was 10 times more traffic than my normal traffic. This is because the post was good. If your post starts getting stars in reddit, you will have a good amount of traffic. So focus on writing good content. Its a suggestion from someone who is still learning.


Quora is a consistent performerquora icon

When it comes to burst traffic reddit is best but when it comes to traffic that is consistent in number Quora is best for me. Since I get around 3-10 visitors from quora everyday and this is consistent. While in case of reddit no traffic is consistent. Try to generate backlinks from quora.


Try to reach your circle of people

If you are able to get your blogs to people who really are interested in your blogs you are doing a great job. And you may not have to worry about the traffic but if its not then you will get no traffic and this is what happening to my blogs I guess. Only few of my post are able to get to a smaller section of related people.



Reading is learning, the more you learn the more you will be able to write. Thus reading is one of the most powerful tool you have, utilize it. Reading keeps you updated and increases your value. Follow people who write about things you are interested in.


Share on Social Media

If you keep on writing with out spreading the word about what you are writing. No one will see it in your dreams and thus you may loose audience. Sharing on Social media gives you audience that you may not reach via Reddit or Quora.


It takes a lot of effort to get Google Adsense approved

Yes, its hard for starter to get the account approved. Following things are must if you want your adsense account to get approved.Google adsense logo

  • Contact page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Around 15 – 20 Blogs
  • Avoid Plagiarism


Google adsense gives no returns for small traffic.

If you think you have 30 -100 visitors a day and you are thinking that you will start earning money. You are totally wrong, you will end up earning inly few cents.


Google adsense rejected your blog? No Problem there are many.

If Google Adsense rejected your blog, there is nothing to worry about there are many such sites which provide you same facilities. To list some there is adsoptimal, uber cpm, propellerads.


Focus on writing instead of setup

Setting up environment and everything was something that took my most of the time and that is one of the reason for less focus on writing quality. So if you have some money get the setup by some tech guys or freelancers and focus on content.

If you are unable to find someone who can help with setup. Drop a mail to my friend Abhishek, he will do it for you.


Indiblogger could be great help for bloggers in India.

Indiblogger recently started Indirank by which they evaluate the blogs and show them on top if it has good rank. They do it monthly. What you have to do to get good rank is write blogs frequently,  keep it updated, have good alexa rank and moz rank. These are criteria they use to rank the blogs. You can use their platform to find the right audience.


So conclusion from here is that its not that easy to write good blog post if your are  a beginner and getting traffic is really tough. You must have patience to write great blogs and wait for the time it reaches your audience. Also note that it will not reach your audience by itself. This is what learned in my first 100 days of blogging


Gaurav Yadav

Gaurav is cloud infrastructure engineer and a full stack web developer and blogger. Sportsperson by heart and loves football. Scale is something he loves to work for and always keen to learn new tech. Experienced with CI/CD, distributed cloud infrastructure, build systems and lot of SRE Stuff.

  • Sherin

    Nice one I am a beginner thank you for the information

    1. Gaurav Yadav

      Nice to hear that Sherin. All the best for your blogs.

  • Jayant Shilanjan Mundhra

    Very insightful Sir! IUt gave me some valuable inputs for my website http://www.shilanjan.com

    Thanks 😀

  • Harsha

    Realy helpful

    Thanks alot please keep on posting for new comers

    1. Gaurav Yadav

      Thanks a lot Harsha, it means a lot to me.

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