Learn Vagrant from Scratch : Sharing the Vagrant images

Learn Vagrant from Scratch : Sharing the Vagrant images
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Sharing the Vagrant images

Vagrant sharing is an option provide by Vagrant to share your server around the world. for example you can find laravel box with all the setup of laravel to start developing. With sharing you will be able to run the server and other people around the world can observe the changes that you are making in your product.

For sharing, you need to have an account on Hashicrop’s Atlas. After creating the account you will have credentials for the account now run this command and login to vagrant in terminal

vagrant login

and enter your account credentials. After loging in you can share the server using

vagrant share

When you run the command you will get a URL that will be used for sharing. When you put this url in browser you will be able to see the same server page that you were able to see in you localhost. Everyonw with the url will be able to see your server.

Thus we learned about vagrant and how to do various task using.


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