Go server less with AWS LAMBDA.

Go server less with AWS LAMBDA.
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Yes, server less with AWS LAMBDA, this could be of great future use. If you are facing problems in managing servers what could be more easy to manage than no server. These are the words of Amazon CTO.

Here we will be talking about aws service lambda which allows you to run your scripts or server with out any instance you just write your script and and lambda will run it for you. You don’t have to worry about anything else.


AWS Lambda lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. You can run your crons, workers or any other task very easily. One of the good thing is it interact with the other aws services with IAM role permission thus you don’t have to worry about managing aws secrets also.

You can use combination of Lambda and SQS to make a Queue processing service. With the combination of API gateway you can make your apis.


Aws lamba and api gateway
Taken from blendmaster.net


Lambda can easily be integrated with cloud watch sqs or any other service and these service can act as a trigger for your lambda script. So, lets say you want your cloud watch event to be processed when ever it happens. You don’t have to pool for the event to happens, You can add trigger and lambda will process it as your events happens.

Now lets say you want to make a service which keeps track of all the instances starting and stopping in aws environment. What you need to do is add a cloud watch alarm which will see for all the events related to instance state change and then write an script to process the event lets say put it in db. Now when ever instance state change event happens your script will be called with the events parameters and you can save them in db for further processing.

In the end Lambda is very powerful and can save you time if you don’t wanna manage servers. Read more about it in their official documentation and go server less with AWS LAMBDA.

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