From beginner to expert in competitive programming.

From beginner to expert in competitive programming.
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Hey Everyone,

If you want to hear from a expert, you can leave it right now as I am just a software developer but these steps are followed by many ex-googlers for beating competitive programming and one of them told me this.


For Starting You can follow the following steps:

  •  Learn Basic syntax of let us say programming language c(if,else,for,while,break ,input,output,datatypes,and their range).



  • You will learn what all you need to get a problem submitted.


  • Find problems that only follow a particular formulae and solve around 20 problems.


  • Now you are well aware how to get code submitted input and output.



  • Now go for DP problems.




  • Start Reading about trees and graphs. Now leave the programming forms that don’t involve dp and tree, graphs or any other complex algorithms.


  • Maintain few good projects on Github , maintain good profile on linkedin. This aspect is only for job and in open source community


  • Few Famous contest for you are : facebook hackers cup, Google CODEJAM , ACM-ICPC and few others.


  • Start reading and solving Interview questions.



You dont need any book if you have internet.

These are steps one googler told me to follow but I m lazy 😛

Gaurav Yadav

Gaurav is a Full Stack Web Developer and Blogger. Sportsperson by heart and loves football. He has experience with various frameworks in php, python and javascript. Loves to explore new frameworks and evolve with the trending technology.

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