From beginner to expert in competitive programming.

Hey Everyone,

If you want to hear from a expert, you can leave it right now as I am just a software developer but these steps are followed by many ex-googlers for beating competitive programming and one of them told me this.


For Starting You can follow the following steps:

  •  Learn Basic syntax of let us say programming language c(if,else,for,while,break ,input,output,datatypes,and their range).

  • Solve your first problem

  • You will learn what all you need to get a problem submitted.

  • Find problems that only follow a particular formulae and solve around 20 problems.

  • Now you are well aware how to get code submitted input and output.

  • Now go for problems that requires optimization like   attempt 20 of them.

  • Now go for DP problems.

  • Now start reading  and start coding on Codechef, Codeforces, HackerRankHackerEarth.

  • You can now try reading books for algorithms. Below are listed some good books for this. 

  • Start Reading about trees and graphs. Now leave the programming forms that don’t involve dp and tree, graphs or any other complex algorithms.
  • Maintain few good projects on Github , maintain good profile on linkedin. This aspect is only for job and in open source community
  • Few Famous contest for you are : facebook hackers cup, Google CODEJAM , ACM-ICPC and few others.
  • Start reading and solving Interview questions.
You dont need any book if you have internet.

These are steps one googler told me to follow but I m lazy 😛

Gaurav Yadav

Gaurav is cloud infrastructure engineer and a full stack web developer and blogger. Sportsperson by heart and loves football. Scale is something he loves to work for and always keen to learn new tech. Experienced with CI/CD, distributed cloud infrastructure, build systems and lot of SRE Stuff.

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