Log parsing in python using regular expressions.Log parsing in python using regular expressions.

Log parsing in python using regular expressions.

Log parsing is a very basic problem for DevOps and SREs and we have a post on this regarding log parsing. You can find the post here In the earlier post, I have not used regex and have used only string manipulations to parse the logs. What is a regular expression? Regular expressions are a

monitoring infrastructure system design

Monitoring Infrastructure System Design

In this article about monitoring infrastructure system design, we will talk about how you can get metrics from any running application and software and then ship it and show it in a more understandable way. We will try to use the open-source software as much as possible. When we talk about this, we are talking

Release process

Working on Scale: Automating release process.

Welcome to the fourth article in the series working on scale. It has been long after the last article. In this article we will be focussing on he why and automating release process. When you are working with scale there are many thing that will bother you. One them is very frequent releases. If you

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