Don't marry a programming language.

Don’t marry a programming language.

A guy asked me: What programming language should I learn. Me: Don’t marry a programming language. At different steps of your life you will need a different programming language. And you must be adaptive to the change. The technology is growing at much more faster rate than ever in history. And if you are still

what happens when you click a link

What happens when you click a link?

What happens when you click a link? So, when you click on a link,  there are three things that can happen. What happens when you click a link? 1. Simple Action with url and no javascript of any other such language involve, also no css is involved.  At a high level, when you click on

Creating Linux alias to enable you work faster.

Creating Linux alias to enable you work faster.

Linux is a very powerful Operating system and it has many flavors. Its always your choice which one to use but making them work faster and according to your need is something you will need. Here we will talk about alias and write a simple alias file to help you be more productive.Lets see how

beautiful code pens

Beautiful Code Pens.

Autumn in Cupertino by Adam Guttentag (@guttentag) on CodePen   Sistema Solar Simples com SASS by Ricardo Alves (@ricardospalves) on CodePen   Jeff the Bug in Flight Mode by Una Kravets (@una) on CodePen.   See the Pen Sassy CSS Puppy by Una Kravets (@una) on CodePen.

How to implement Load Balancing with Nginx

How to implement load balancing with Nginx

In this article of server talks we will see how we can implement load balancing with nginx as load balancer. First install nginx with the below command sudo apt-get install nginx Now we will open the nginx config and change the config to use the nginx as load balancer. You can found the nginx config at

Micro-interaction animations

Awesome micro-interaction animations

Micro-interaction animations are the small events that happens when you do some very small things like hover click e.t.c. Today we will see some awesome micro-interaction design. These are not build by me but by different people, you can follow these people mentioned at the end. I am just show casing it here. Everything shown

Role Based Access Control

Role Based Access Control for your application

Role Based Access Control is a system in which you give particular permissions to particular users based on their roles. In this article we will try making simple role based access control for your application. Our RBAC will make use of only 5 tables. I guess this is enough if your making it real simple.