What is blue green deployment.

If you are around devops people or people who are working with deployments in your industry. You must have heard of the name blue green deployment. Most of the companies in the world use this technique to get the least down time for their respective products. This deployment is old but still one of the best to use. It is in use by amazon for last decade. So what actually is blue green deployment.

blue green deployment
taken from https://martinfowler.com/bliki/images/blueGreenDeployment/blue_green_deployments.png

What is blue green deployment. 

In this deployment a total replica of the production server is made. The newly made server is tested against all the odds. Once the server is tested, the new one is made ready for replacing the production server.

Now routes are changed to make the new one as production server while keeping the older production server. The older server is kept so if their is any critical bug, the system can be roll back to a previous stable state.

So this is what blue green deployment is. You made the exact copy production and after testing replaces the production.

Its pros are that it has very small or negligible downtime. 

Its cons can be lets say a DB operation is going on and we changed the routes. Now the changes will be on the old DB and not in new db. So maintaining the db consistency is one of the major issue along with the database migrations. 

Read more about blue green deployment here.

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