Best code editors for different programming languages

Code editors are required to make you work fast. With better code editor and its integration for particular language you can get the most out of you time. Lets see best code editors for different programming languages

Best code editors for different programming languages

Best code editors for different programming languages

C#Visual Studio, SharpDevelop

JavaEclipse, NetBeans, IDEA, Atom, Sublime


Delphi – RAD Studio

Object Pascal – Delphi, Lazarus

C, C++ – Visual Studio, Vim, Sublime, Atom

PL/SQL – RapidSQL, Oracle SQLDeveloper, Mysql Workbench,

PHP – Eclipse, NetBeans, Nusphere PHPed, PhpStorm

Actionscript (AS2, AS3) – FlashDevelop

Flex – Flash Builder 4

Python – Eclipse, IDLE, Sublime, Atom, Pycharm

Perl – Padre, Sublime, Atom

Common Lisp – Lispworks, Emacs, Sublime

Ruby – TextMate, RubyMine, Sublime

HaskellVim, Sublime

FortranVim, Sublime

Visual BasicVisual Studio

This is just editors choice and also only few languages are mentioned here. Mention yours in comments and I will add them to the list.


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