What are Zip() and Unzip() in Python and how to use the.

What are Zip() and Unzip() in Python and how to use the.

Zip() is a built-in (built-in function are the function which are already define in programming framework) function. So basically zip() function takes any number of iterable and returns a list of tuples, the first element of a tuple is created using the first element from each of the iterables, and so on. Syntax- zip(*iterators) Practical

Don't marry a programming language.

Don’t marry a programming language.

A guy asked me: What programming language should I learn. Me: Don’t marry a programming language. At different steps of your life you will need a different programming language. And you must be adaptive to the change. The technology is growing at much more faster rate than ever in history. And if you are still

Which programming language or technology to learn.

This is the question which bugs every software engineer or its aspirants. Lets discuss this question a bit. Though I am still a beginner still everyday or two I get a message from junior SE aspirants about what technology or programming language to learn to be more successful. So no one get famous by learning

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