Still I will prefer a win over “learning from a defeat”.

” Always learn from your defeat “

This thought is really a driver for a huge bunch of people. But there are people who are confused with its meaning and never feel guilty over losing again and again. Is it right to have this thought as your prime motivator? because it is giving you an excuse for your failures.



People are more often using it as excuse like “I will learn from this failure” and all they master is using this phrase again and again.

If you keep on losing you will have the restricted domain to learn but if you are wining you are certainly opening new domains for yourself to learn. It will also inhibit your learning process and restrict it to a particular domain.

Consider an example, a student is studying to complete his graduation and is failing again and again , he is restricted to his domain to pass the examination, so the learning process is also restricted but once he passed the examination he will have new domains say a post graduation course to learn.

Taking a different path rather than getting a failure in particular path is a better option. It is because by taking a different path you are opening new domains for yourself to learn. May be the path you took earlier was wrong and you were not capable of that. But yes it doest mean that you should not work hard for your objectives, and leave it after the first attempt.

The real life is full of trade offs and any thought or philosophy is not even 80% accurate. You cannot rely on only one philosophy,.

Moving on and staying at a particular task should be decided on the basis of your capabilities not by few mad men sayings.

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Gaurav Yadav

Gaurav is cloud infrastructure engineer and a full stack web developer and blogger. Sportsperson by heart and loves football. Scale is something he loves to work for and always keen to learn new tech. Experienced with CI/CD, distributed cloud infrastructure, build systems and lot of SRE Stuff.

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