Kubernetes in Production: Should you run your own worker nodes?

Running Kubernetes in Production: Part 1

There are tons of articles available on the internet on the basics of how to run something, but there is a huge gap when you run something just to test it out and run it in production. A lot of tools will break when they start working at scale. In this series, we are going

How to do data Scraping Through Selenium

How to do data Scraping Through Selenium

Data scraping is also called web scraping. It is the process of importing information or data from a website to the file saved on your computer. It is the most efficient way to get data from the web. In this article, we learn how to scrap data from the website using python selenium. What is

kubectl get pods - birds eye view

Kubectl get pods: Birds Eye View

Kubernetes has become the most popular choice to deploy and manage micro-services. If you are new to Kubernetes or you’ve recently started using it, you’d be aware of the advantages it provides. With more and more organizations adopting micro-services architecture and moving towards containerization of the services. It’s important to understand the flow of data

Creating ETL pipeline using Python

Creating ETL pipeline using Python

An ETL pipeline is a fundamental type of workflow in data engineering. The goal is to take data which might be unstructured or difficult to use and serve a source of clean, structured data. It is very easy to build a simple data pipeline as a python script. In this article, we tell you about

What are kubernetes operators?

Advance Kubernetes: What exactly are Kubernetes Operators?

Kubernetes has gained a lot of traction recently and is one of the standards followed across organizations when it comes to running and managing their containerized workloads. In this article, we are going to talk about Kubernetes operators. Usage Operators are used to running applications and tools on Kubernetes, like Redis Operator, Flink Operator, Istio

Basics on Kubernetes: Basic debugging

Basics on Kubernetes: Basic debugging with kubectl

In our previous article series on Basics on Kubernetes which is still going, we talked about different components like control plane, pods, etcd, kube-proxy, deployments, etc. You can read the article series on Learnsteps. In this article, we are going to see how we can do basic debugging in Kubernetes. Before starting I am assuming